I have the best job in the world! I get to meet these little nuggets when they are fresh and new and just a few days old, and then watch them grow, year after year. This little one is particularly special. I have photographed both her older brother and her older sister, right from their starts too. I love it when parents understand the value of photography and remember how special it was to get images done for their first ones. Like Harper, I am child number three. For us #3’s, the rules are all a little looser. Naps are usually taken in the car as Mom or Dad shuttles the others from activity to activity. Meal times are a little less predictable, and our fashion statements are the hand-me-downs of our siblings. We are the #3’s and Mom and Dad have long since been broken in. So for me, its especially nice to meet these mom’s and dad’s that get it. That truly understand the value of documenting each child, as if they are the one that hung the moon. This lucky little girls parents invested in my Watch Me Grow Package. Just like her brother and her sister, each session for Harpers first year focuses just on her. She is the little girl that hung the moon.

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