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I absolutely love being a Winston Salem family photographer. I get to re-visit some of my favorite families once or twice a year, check-in with each one of them and help to document the beautiful, crazy, sometimes chaotic stages of their lives. Some of my clients have been coming to see me annually for up to nine years! Jack and Emma are especially special to me. They were both students of mine when I was a pre-school Montessori teacher, when Emma was just three and Jack wasn’t yet old enough to go to school. It was during that time that I began my photography business, and not long after, I became their family photographer.

This year we met at a Historic park in Winston Salem for their photos. I like to start my outdoor sessions about two hours before sunset in order to capture that beautiful evening glow. I love how moody the fading sun and the turning leaves makes these images feel. I also love how hard these two try not to smile. And when they do… its such a beautiful thing!

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I have the best job in the world! I get to meet these little nuggets when they are fresh and new and just a few days old, and then watch them grow, year after year. This little one is particularly special. I have photographed both her older brother and her older sister, right from their starts too. I love it when parents understand the value of photography and remember how special it was to get images done for their first ones. Like Harper, I am child number three. For us #3’s, the rules are all a little looser. Naps are usually taken in the car as Mom or Dad shuttles the others from activity to activity. Meal times are a little less predictable, and our fashion statements are the hand-me-downs of our siblings. We are the #3’s and Mom and Dad have long since been broken in. So for me, its especially nice to meet these mom’s and dad’s that get it. That truly understand the value of documenting each child, as if they are the one that hung the moon. This lucky little girls parents invested in my Watch Me Grow Package. Just like her brother and her sister, each session for Harpers first year focuses just on her. She is the little girl that hung the moon.

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Hello friends and Happy October! Can you believe we’re already entering into sweater weather? I feel like I’ve missed a few months of transition here. Maybe thats because I’ve had my head down working like crazy with so many amazing clients, touring colleges with my son (that’s right – I actually just said that. It’s his Senior Year, Yikes!!!), and building this new website! It’s been so long since I’ve maintained a website, opting only for simply updating my Facebook Page every now and then. But, I figured its high time I get back in the game for real and actually share with you all of the beautiful images I’ve been creating with so many absolutely amazing clients. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

So… reaching back a bit, meet beautiful Baby Clara! This little peanut was born on July 31 and came to visit me just six days later. Clara was such a perfect little model for me. Awake and content for part of the session, and soundly sleeping for the rest. I was easily able to capture so many beautiful images for for her family to treasure. It’s always so amazing to me how a baby carries the vibe of their parents. Clara’s are super sweet, totally laid back, and completely at ease. Children pick up the energy we carry around with us and newborns are the most sensitive to it. This is one incredibly lucky little girl to be born into the beautiful family she has. I cannot wait to watch her grow!

Clara’s parents placed their complete trust in me and my baby whispering abilities and gave complete and total artistic freedom. I was able to use some of my favorite posing accessories from Avonli, Banner Boutique, Tiny Bean Baby and more.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from Baby Clara’s newborn session!

I like to photograph newborns between 5 and 14 days of life. That’s the period of time when they are still fresh and new, foldable and movable, and most easily calmed. It’s also that period of time when new parents are most like walking, talking, sleep-deprived zombies and won’t remember any of it! They change so very quickly, and I am here to help you to capture this fleeting stage of life with beautiful, artistic images to treasure these precious beginning moments with. The best time to schedule your newborn session is while you’re still pregnant. If you are interested in your own newborn photos, please feel free to call me at (336)831-7200 to discuss all of those sweet little details. You can also click the link above to Get In Touch and to set up your consultation.

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